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Why buy a fridge water filter?

Fridge water filters are a simple and convenient way to ensure you have high quality drinking water available at all times. Water filters are fitted as standard on many newer models of refrigerator and they're specifically designed to be easy to maintain and replace.

Water Filter

Over time in-built water filters become less effective at cleansing water passed through them and need to be replaced. Installing a new water filter is simple and it enables you to improve water quality by:

Removing impurities

Replacement water filters are more effective at removing unwanted particles like chlorine, rust, lime and dust from the tap water.

Enhancing the taste

Fewer impurities in your drinking water helps improve the taste and provides a more refreshing experience.

Reducing unpleasant odours

Using a carbon filter absorbs unwanted matter during the filtration process which removes bad odours caused by organic substances in the water.

When to change the water filter?

There's no doubt water filters improve the taste and quality of drinking water but they don't last forever.

Most refrigerator manufacturers, including leading brands like Whirlpool and Samsung, recommend that you change the filter every six months. This is because after a period of regular use the filter stops being effective at removing impurities.

Six months is a general guide and you should consult the manufacturer's instruction manual for recommendations specific to your model. You may also find that if you use a lot of water, or the water develops an unpleasant taste or smell, you may need to change the filter more frequently.

Buyspares Top Tip

Water Filter

Pick a date you'll remember!

Some models of refrigerator are fitted with a water filter indicator light, which reminds you when the filter needs to be changed to maintain water quality.

If your fridge doesn't have this feature it can be difficult to remember when the six months is up. To make it easier you should pick a date that will remind you to change the filter, such as when the clocks change.

How to replace a Fridge Water Filter

Replacing a worn out fridge water filter is easy and should only take a few minutes. First you need to locate the filter and identify how the filter is fixed in place. Depending on the brand and model of fridge, the method for replacing the filter will vary. The information below should be treated as general guidance.

Pull-out Water Filters - This is the most common type of water filter and is very easy to replace. Simply twist the filter anti-clockwise to unlock the filter from the housing and pull out. Next, fit the replace water filter in its place and twist into the locked position.

Push Button Water Filters - To replace the filter, push the button so that the water filter pops out of the housing. Pull out the old water filter and remove the cap (where applicable). Next, place the cap on the new filter and insert in place.

Slide out Water Filters - If your water filter is the slide-out type, all you need to do is slide open the filter compartment, remove the filter and replace.

Top Tip: Run a few cup of water through the new filter before using. This allows any carbon residue from the filter to escape.

Finding the Water Filter for you

Finding the water filter that's right for your fridge is easy but you will need to know the model number. This will usually be located in the original paper work/manual that will have come with the appliance.

If you don't have this to hand, don't worry the model number is usually visible on the appliance. Check the outer casing, sides and back of the door. If more information try our model number guide

To get the filter you need, simply use our finder by entering the brand of your fridge and the model as prompted. This will display a list of suitable water filters alongside with product specifications.

Not got a water filter system on your refrigerator?

Don't worry; you can still enjoy great quality drinking water by using a dispenser jug & filter.

We have a huge range of water filter jugs to choose from, including systems from top brands like Brita.